My Goals

Criminal Justice has always been my passion

  • As an undergraduate student at Spelman College, I was a judicial intern

  • While in law school, I interned at the Legal Aid Clinic and Harris County  District Attorney’s Office

  • After graduating the University of Iowa Law School I served as:

    • Prosecutor, Harris County District Attorney’s Office

    • Criminal Defense Attorney, Private Practice

    • Senior Litigator in the Felony Trial Section,  Harris County Public Defender’s Office


“My background and experiences have given me the unique ability to view the criminal justice system from all perspectives, and to focus on more than just the crime, but underlying issues that must be addressed to ensure justice truly matters.”


Community Involvement that reflects my passion

  • Speak regularly at venues across the United States on the law and the criminal justice system 

  • Engage in community legal forums

  • Spearhead Expunction Fairs to help individuals legally clear their criminal history as provided by law

  • Link people with criminal histories to employers willing to give them a chance 

  • Play an active role in addressing the criminal bail system


“My experiences have molded me into the person I am, shaped my perspective of the criminal justice system, and has helped me to develop solutions that will help to ensure that  justice truly matters for all."


My Perspective on Criminal Justice Reform

  • Justice should be determined based on the law and the facts

  • The law should work for all and justice should not depend on how much money you have, who you are, or who you know

  • Judges should not control the  appointment process

  • We must place conditions on bonds that look out for the safety of the community


How do we get to the goal?

  • Bring the community  into the Criminal Justice System

  • Allocate more resources to mental health

  • Ensure that communities that are harmed are also served

  • Implement programs to specifically target and work with youthful offenders

  • Utilize restorative justice techniques